Research Prices



My standard fee for bespoke research is £20 per hour plus agreed expenses. Often clients start by agreeing a limit (example: £100, £150) for the initial research. The key point is that every project is bespoke to the client needs and desires.


All the research involves a very thorough study of the available sources for your ancestors and may go further back than specified if sources emerge. If research requires travel to archives any additional expenses will be agreed beforehand.

Where possible, recommended sources and potential further lines of research will be added to the report. Other options for final presentation such as high quality clip-bound or book-bound reports are available at reasonable additional costs. Trees can be printed in a wide variety of ways for display. Please ask about this option if it interests you.

Please note that research fees are charged for the hours worked not for results. There can never be a guarantee on the success of research prior to investigation as history always relies on the availability of records and other evidences.

Commissions for community research, seeking lost people, fundraising, etc. cost £20.00 per hour plus agreed expenses where necessary. Travel expenses are charged at 45p per mile where necessary.


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