Comments on our service…

“Exceedingly helpful. Always willing to go the extra mile”. JM

“The tutor was extremely helpful – I didn’t know anything on the subject beforehand”. CW

“The tutor has been very helpful in advising me where to get information for finding people that have changed their names”. LA

“I very much enjoy Kevin’s classes. They are entertaining as well as proving a great deal of knowledge – most of which I would not have been aware of if I had not attended the course”. DE

“Kevin keeps our minds fed with information and our mouths fed with jelly-babies”! MS

“The tutor gives plenty of encouragement. There is always a lot of laughter in his lessons: Very relaxed. MR

“Extremely helpful, particularly in sharing a vast array of resources”. PC

“Friendly; enthusiastic; knowledgeable”. MD

“Kevin has helped a lot: he helps me when I get stuck”! SS

“Very encouraging – gives great personal attention”. LM

“He is a very good tutor and I will return to attend another course that he runs”. CP

“Kevin is full of useful information which he delivers in his own way which makes it easy for everyone to understand”. GL

“Yes, Kevin has been helpful in everything, from finding out about new experiences and different topics, to helping individuals personally”. KM

“Very much so: great encouragement given. Appreciate all your knowledge and expertise. Excellent hand-outs”. AY

“Sound advice and guidance”. MN

“As a newcomer with no previous knowledge, I have been informed and guided towards improving my knowledge and further studies of the subject”. JG

“Enthusiasm and knowledge of the tutor has really helped to re-awaken my interest in family history. Very useful topics covered and a good mix for beginners and more advanced levels”. AG

“He has assisted me and has patience to repeat things for me to grasp them”. KS

“Ideas freely given when students get ‘stuck’! Very helpful”. JW

“Very supportive and helped with searching. Has extensive knowledge of family history and makes classes interesting”. CW

“Yes, very knowledgeable and accomplished in understanding Ancestry. Also a wide and extensive knowledge of all aspects of family history”. JB


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